What Is RFID?
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): RFID is a contactless transfer of data between the data carrying device and its reader. Simply put it is a contactless ID system. RFID uses electro-magnetic fields to exchange data between the device (RFID Tag) and the reader.
  • RFID Tag or the transponder is located on the object that needs to be identified. This is the data carrying device of an RFID System.
  • Reader is the data capturing device. The reader sends the information on the RFID tag to a computer.

readerThere are 3 levels of Frequency:

  1. uHF (860-950 MHz) Ultra High Frequency has the ability to read more than one tag at a time and has longer read ranges of 8-20 ft.
  2. HF (13.56 MHz) High Frequency has a shorter read range, and is less susceptible to disruption, a defined read field which makes them a good choice when interacting with water.
  3. LF (125 KHz) Low Frequency has the shortest read range and is less likely to be susceptible to disruption.

So, what is the right application for you?

  • We have the products and technical expertise to support a wide range of RFID applications. We are partnered with some of the world’s best manufacturers to provide top quality, cost effective RFID components and solutions.

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